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Nacori Director



A word from the Director of Research

The National Coffee Research Institute (NaCORI), launched on August 8, 2014, is one of the sixteen Public Agricultural Research Institutes (PARIs) under the umbrella of the NationalAgricultural Research Organization (NARO). The creation of NaCORI is in line with the National Coffee Policy (NCP) (2013).  Whereas the NCP articulates only coffee issues, it was deemed fit to have NaCORI also work on cocoa research hence the institutes mandate - “to conduct and manage basic and applied research of strategic nature and national importance in all fields pertaining to coffee and cocoa”.

It is therefore with pleasure that I inform you of and invite you to visit and in a way be amongst the players of the “NaCORI Website” newly created in June  2015. Through this website we believe we shall be able to communicate to you matters pertaining to our mandate and establish conversations with you hence making it a platform for sharing information and knowledge to benefit the coffee and cocoa sub-sectors, hence contributing to Uganda’s Vision 2040.

Hitherto, particularly research on coffee has stagnated at the lower end of the value chain which is typical of an input based (diseases, fertilizers) research system” that addresses mainly production constraints. On the other hand, there hasn’t been a national research program on cocoa. NaCORI, as articulated in the National Coffee Research Institute Strategic and Corporate Plan 2015 – 2024 is seeking to reverse those trends through conducting and promoting coffee and cocoa research along the complete value chains – from production through processing, marketing and consumption. I will be looking at directing research that ventures into low-input, high impact research areas, aligning research to industry among others including positioning NaCORI as a competent partner with other sub regional and global research centers.

We recognize the limitations at NaCORI in the areas of technical capacities and competencies as well as in infrastructure development. But that we have laid down an agenda which we are sharing with you, we are calling for close collaborations and partnerships. Synergies that will accrue from this “modus operandi” will go a long way in facilitating the attainment of the desired goals and eventually impacts that will contribute to propelling Uganda into a middle income class as envisaged in Uganda’s Vision 2040 – we are cognizant of the substantial contribution of coffee and cocoa which in 2013 stood at about US$ 450 million and US$ 65 million, respectively. We are also aware of government’s plans to increase productivity of the commodities – Coffee and Cocoa – as articulated in the national plans (MAAIF’s NARP, DSIP, Uganda’s Vision 2040) and, we shall as appropriate connect with the Regional (CAADP) and Global (SDGs) initiatives for enhancing improving livelihoods especially of the rural farmers.

It is with my sincere conviction that NaCORI will strive and do all it takes to contribute to a better world through Coffee and Cocoa Research for Technology, Innovation and Impact.


William Wamala Wagoire