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The bio-technology lab at Kituza, Mukono

The facility was constructed in December 2016 with funding from the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA). It has two sections; Tissue Culture and Molecular Biology. The main objectives of the unit are:

a) Mass propagation of improved varieties of coffee and cocoa planting materials.

b) Development and optimization of tissue culture protocols for commercial production of coffee and cocoa planting materials.

c) Coffee and cocoa germplasm characterization and identification of genes/markers to accelerate development of new coffee and cocoa varieties.

d) Conservation of coffee and cocoa germplasm for future use.

e) Quality assurance through diseases and pests diagnosis and ensuring plants are true-to type (identity).

f) Building capacity of a critical mass/pool of scientists/researchers to spur scientific innovations and foster adoption of coffee and cocoa technologies.

To date, only the tissue culture section is functional because it has the basic equipment necessary to enable it operate. The molecular biology section is currently non-functional due to lack of equipment. However, procurement of essential equipment, furniture and reagents for the unit is on-going.


A staff going about his business in the bio-technology lab ,                              CWDr plantlets under culture in a growth room at Kituza