Home PROGRAMMES COFFEE AND COCOA VALUE ADDITION AND AGRIBUSINESS PROGRAM (CVA-P) Coffee and Cocoa Value-addition and Agribusiness Programme (CVA-P)
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CVA-P aims at generating post-harvest and value-addition technologies, information and knowledge to enhance profitability of coffee and cocoa production; and scale uptake and use of coffee and cocoa research outputs.

Building partnerships with coffee and cocoa entrepreneurs to commercialize NaCORI innovations, and disseminate technologies and information. This is expected to increase the uptake and use of institute technologies.

Programme goal

To increase the competitiveness of coffee and cocoa sub-sectors through enhanced value-addition, product quality and diversity.


1. To develop technologies, information and procedures for coffee and cocoa post-harvest handling, processing and product diversifications.

2. To enhance uptake and use of coffee and cocoa research innovations

Ongoing activities

Development of efficient and effective coffee and cocoa seed system

  • Equipping the coffee tissue culture and molecular laboratory.
  • Developing tissue culture and nursery protocols for multiplication of coffee and cocoa plants
  • Generating and availing tissue culture plants of Robusta coffee to farmers
  • Identifying pathogens affecting generation and weaning of coffee tissue culture plantlets and rooting of cuttings and development of their control options
  • Generating and availing to farmers 100,000 seedlings of cocoa
  • Providing technical backstopping to nursery operators multiplying CWD-r varieties
  • Generating and availing to stakeholders 160,000 planting materials of CWD-r robusta coffee varieties
  • Generating and availing atleast 100,000 seedlings of Arabica coffee to farmers, and 500kgs seed to nursery operators each year.
  • Increasing the number of mother bushes from the current 8,000 to 16,000
  • Developing improved shade systems for enhancing coffee production; Generating 100,000 seedlings of the following shade tree species: Albizia coriaria. Ficus mucoso, F. ovata and Cordia Africana.


Promotion of contemporary technologies for improving coffee production and quality; Increased visibility through promotion of   NaCORI technologies.

Determination of productivity and profitability of the coffee - apiculture farming system

Evaluation of competitiveness of coffee growing; determining the relative profitability of coffee to other priority traditional cash crops.

Programme resources

  • The biotechnology laboratory
  • Fourvnursery shades at Kituuza
  • Over 8,000 mother bushes being expanded
  • Seed gardens at Bugusege and a pulpery